Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Night Cafe

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

The Night Cafe by Tawny Owl
Morgaine Blackwood is a witch. With a name like that she couldn't really be anything else. Welcome to The Night Cafe. You don't have to be a cliche to work here, but it helps.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Melissa Thinks: The idea for this is very interesting; it’s unlike any story I’ve read on FP. You can get through it rather quickly (I read in one sitting). It’s one of those stories where the humor continually puts a smile on your face, which happens to be one of my favorite types. Besides the minor grammar issues throughout, The Night Cafe was almost flawless. A complete page turner, everything about this story sucks you in, from the summary to the humor that flows through the dialogue and narrative. Many of the characters stood out and strayed from the usual cookie-cutter cliches. The only thing that really keeps me from thinking this story is the best ever, is the slight confusion in some parts about what was happening. There’s a certain smoothness to the dialogue that keeps it fresh and enchanting to the reader. I absolutely love the witty humor! Overall, a funny, charming, and magical story.


  1. Reviews would be easier to read if they were in paragraphs ;)

  2. Because the review was so short, I didn't put it into separate paragraphs. Also, the formatting of the new site pushes everything together and makes things longer.

    Thanks for the feedback though!



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