Saturday, November 24, 2012

Out of Luck

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Out of Luck by nkltt210
Kate's luck has just run out and she's become a walking disaster area. She's also stuck in a dead-end relationship with a man that lacks any kind of compassion. But was she really that unlucky? After all she did meet that gorgeous doctor.
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Helen Thinks: Her fifth hospital visit in only two months and Kate realises that maybe she has become a pretty unlucky person, especially seeing as before then the only time she had ever been in hospital was her birth. However, could she really be that unlucky when she meets that gorgeous Doctor? Well, yes because she happens to have met this gorgeous doctor at a time where’s she unsure of where her relationship with long term boyfriend, Charlie, is heading. The chance meeting of the handsome doctor outside of the hospital and forming a friendship; most definitely just a friendship; is enough to create doubts.

I truthfully believe that writing love triangles is one of the hardest things a writer can do but nkltt210 make it look like a walk in the park in ‘Out of Luck’. Each character has their own individual quirks and characteristics that enable the reader to start picking sides, especially where the two male characters are concerned. Nkltt210 has managed to create a plot that flows fluently and most definitely has a perfect pace to it that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, yelling at the computer screen and feeling completely flustered as things either do or do not go your own way.

If this did not sell the story enough, there is an added bonus of nkltt210 manages to infiltrate light moments of humour throughout the story that will have the reader laughing along. It’s these fragments of humour that helps the characters become three dimensional and the interactions between the scenes completely realistic.

In all, ‘Out of Luck’ is a humorous, well thought out story that has you clicking the next button eager for more and feeling that warm bubbly feeling of happiness at the end.


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