Sunday, December 23, 2012

Liberation Girl

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Lysa thought being the Emperor's only daughter was tough, and that was -before- the handsome rebel came into her life.
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Marta Thinks: This SkoW runner-up for best original universe is a very well thought out sci-fi story. Lysa, the Emperor's daughter, is celebrating her seventeenth birthday when a group of rebels attack the palace. In her haste, she runs towards the room containing an instrument named the “Machine” and enters it. What happens next? The impossible happens: she travels back in time. What complicates this matter is that Alexei, a handsome rebel, ends up following her. Following that, one can read an extremely entertaining, albeit slightly confusing story, due to the continuous change in times.

The story is only three chapters long, but Written manages to allow everything to flow so well. The words seem to scrawl across the page effortlessly which allows the story to remain well imprinted in any reader's mind long after they have finished reading. Although the story ends where a story would normally start, this doesn't detract from the quality of the story. Rather, this increases its unique nature. This is definitely one sci-fi story that you’ll never tire of reading over and over (and over) again.


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