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My Entity

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My Entity by Jennifer Leigh
My name is Ashley Burcham, and I am a typical sixteen-year-old girl. At least I was. Before the entity invaded my brain.
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Ariana Thinks: Told in the first person, the narrator of "My Entity," Ashley, has a voice that draws you in right away. Her cynical view on life and self-imposed seclusion from society make her a unique character, but despite her rants about the evils of conformity, Ashley remains a loveable character. Throughout the story, Ashley grows as a person, maturing in part due to the presence of an entity inside her brain that helps her overcome her insecurities. Her witty, sometimes dark brand of humor make her thoughts a pleasure to read, and her seemingly random tangents just flesh her character out further. Her interactions with her friends, a "Hot Guy" from her school, people at the coffee shop she frequents, and the voice inside her head vary between hilarious and heartbreaking, but are also always realistic.

The plot of "My Entity" is amazingly creative and gripping, too. Throughout the story, an air of mystery surrounds the origins of the voice inside Ashley's head and how he fits into her world. Gav, the voice in Ashley's head, has an interesting past that catches up to him in a big way, resulting in action-packed twists and turns in the plot. You will undoubtedly find yourself holding your breath as you hope that Ashley and Gav can have a happy ending. "My Entity" not only grabs your attention but retains it as well. As aforementioned, its unique tone of narration, mysterious plot, and realistic characters make it a must-read.

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  1. I can't disagree this story was amazing. Great review!



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