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Convict's Blood

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Convict's Blood by Highway Unicorn
"A dying man once told me that those who have the blood of the convicted are destined to live a life of adventure." The long life of a Australian woman who travels throughout Europe and America in search of adventure and escape. Abandon by her Pa, Alice is forced to give her hand to Adam Jones, the cowboy with the horns. Her only choice now is to run away to America and find freedom
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Rosie Thinks: 'Convict's Blood' is extremely unique in the way it is set in colonial Australia. The way that Highway Unicorn portrayed the tensions between the Aborigines and the settlers was emotive - she showed, rather than told. It starts off with a young girl called Alice, and follows her journey as she grows up and discovers more about her self and life in the 20th century.

The powerful story-telling really draws you in and makes you feel what Alice is feeling. Alice's voice is descriptive but still has that youthful innocence appropriate for her age. I quite liked how the whole story reflects the way that she talks and can imagine that it will develop as she grows. I felt that the Australian backdrop was written perfectly and captures the culture really well. However, Highway Unicorn referred to some of the men as 'cowboys' and in my opinion, I felt this was a bit too American, as they aren't really called cowboys in Australia. Other than that, though, the story does an amazing job of portraying its characters and setting. With only 6 chapters so far, it has established a solid plot line and is definitely one you should watch out for.


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