Monday, January 21, 2013

Damn You

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Damn You by Annie not Annabel
I will pick myself up from the ground. I will make those loud laughs true. I will wear what you did to me like a shield. I will get over it, even if it's long after you have.
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Melissa Thinks: If there’s one thing Annie not Annabel knows how to do, it’s convey perfect emotion into her writing. Damn You is a lovely example. Although short, this one shot has everything you could want in a piece of writing: a distinct and strong main character, a plot that any girl could relate to, and a strong emotional voice throughout it’s entirety. It’s a simple yet complex piece and succeeds in drawing the reader into the story from the very first words. It’s easy to tell how the author incorporated her very heart and soul into the essence of Damn You, something that speaks far better of itself than anything I can spew at you. The author of this story is in fact our very own Annie, but that doesn’t imply any sort of favoritism on my part because this is just a damn good story.


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