Monday, January 21, 2013

Say What?: A 101 Guide to Reviewing Chaptered Stories

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A short guide on how to write a good review - with emphasis on reviews for incomplete, chaptered stories.
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Melissa Thinks: I know what you’re thinking: this is not an actual story. Yes, you would be right about that, but there are a few things you should consider before skipping over this piece entirely: 1) it’s written by the ever so lovely and legendary Vena Cava, 2) it covers the always controversial and extremely important topic of how exactly one should review a story, and 3) I mean... it’s Vena.

Being a part of a site that reviews stories can teach you a thing or two about the importance of reviewing which is exactly why this is an essential piece of writing in our small community. Vena outlines a few of the necessities that make up a helpful, critically constructive review. She keeps things organized with an easy to follow format and includes examples that make the read fun. All points and suggestions made were concise, helpful, and extremely easy for the average reader to integrate into their daily Fictionpress using lives.

I cannot recommend this piece enough to all the readers and writers out there. Fictionpress is filled with young aspiring writers looking to improve their writing and bring it to new levels; something that a simple “Update please” or “Good job” can’t achieve. Vena’s guide was extremely helpful to me and I hope it can be to you too.

It only takes a few moments to read, so I strongly recommend you click the link above.


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