Monday, January 21, 2013

The Earthquake That Was Not

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The Earthquake That Was Not by mashers
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Helen Thinks: Have you been looking for a light read? Well then look no further because the answer to your prayers is here in the form of ‘The Earthquake that was Not’ by mashers.

In their Author’s Note, mashers admits that science fiction is not their strongest area of expertise but after having been told to write a science fiction story of class, they conquered their fears and created an extremely cute story that is a dream to read.

‘The Earthquake that was Not’ follows Julie who starts the story having to focus for a French pop quiz when tremors in her glass bottle alerts them to an earthquake... or is it? When a voice demands for them to move from their hiding places to the town centre, Julie walks with her close friend, Marcus, to find that San Francisco has been taken over by aliens. Only the chosen ones will be saved, the others destroyed along with Earth. Will Julie and Marcus survive?

Sound far-fetched? Maybe it is. But isn’t that what science fiction is all about? ‘The Earthquake that was Not’ is a combination of science fiction, humour and romance that will have you wondering why there are so few reviews on such a rare gem. For someone that has never written science fiction before, mashers delivers a story that I will want to revisit time and time again!


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