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Dignity by Mardy Bum
Because he'd never settle for just slaughtering lambs.
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Marta Thinks: Your review: Mardy Bum’s writing style is very idiosyncratic. It goes from being poetic to being raw, from imagery to blunt description, from lovely language to swear words. This works very well though – not only because it’s very interesting to read but because Amelia Spitz, the main character, is schizophrenic. Therefore the language manages to mirror very well what’s actually happening inside her brain. The story becomes all the more relatable.

Dignity’s plot revolves around Amelia and Nathan’s twisted relationship. Amelia loves and hates Nathan at the same time, whilst Nathan sleeps around with various women despite being clearly in love with Amelia. Additionally, Amelia is not only unstable and lonely, but part of her memory is also missing. This doesn’t make life any simpler for her…or for Nathan.

Dignity is the sequel to both Stranger and Agony, and although it’s not absolutely necessary to read both before reading Dignity, it’s highly recommended.


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