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A Love Story

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A Love Story by brittle hearts
One day, a girl and a boy fell in love without realizing it.
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Ali Thinks: Brittle hearts gives you a warning before reading her story: beware of clichés. But since this is a community for beautifully written stories, many of them cliché oriented, this warning may actually be encouraging for you instead. “A Love Story” is about a two people—a gentle, slightly naïve girl and her attractive, protective(but not overly so) neighbor—who had known each other since pre-school. If that doesn’t scream cliché, I don’t know what does.

But that’s okay; we love clichés, especially ones written as superbly as this one.

This one-shot is split into thirteen segments as it goes through their time together from the moment they met in pre-school all the way until the female MC’s twenty-fifth birthday. All written in third person, tidbits of how both characters feel about their relationship with each other is slowly drawn out, epiphanies from each of them ending the respective sections. Their relationship kept growing from their childhood years all the way up into adulthood, and brittle hearts writes it so well with little anecdotes from their times together that it actually feels as though I was looking through a detailed scrapbook of their lives.

With the happy ending we all hope for and the intriguing journey takes us there, "A Love Story" is a treat that I will let myself enjoy time and time again.


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