Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dare: Stay Sane While I Strip

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Dare: Stay Sane While I Strip by MaeMaes
The idea was to catch Pierce's attention. I was nearly naked beneath my coat and ready to flash him. Oh, God, was I crazy?
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Ariana Thinks:  With a title of "Dare: Stay Sane While I Strip," I expected MaeMaes' story to be quirky and cute at the same time, and she definitely did not disappoint. The droolworthy description of Pierce and the remarkably creative plot based off the "girl and best friend" cliche would have been more than enough to keep my interest, but "Dare: Stay Sane While I Strip" went further than that. The voice of Kens, the protagonist and narrator, was refreshingly unorthodox, and the ramblings of her inner mind were absolutely hilarious. I was never disappointed with her reactions to events; moreover, the relationship between Kens and Pierce was both adorable and well-portrayed. Their conversations and interactions made me squeal with excitement.

Although "Dare: Stay Sane While I Strip" may not have the most realistic plot-line, it is definitely a charming, engaging story that you will find yourself heavily invested in. The only real shortcoming it has is the fact that it is only 2 chapters long, and once you start reading, you will undoubtedly yearn for more.


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