Saturday, January 5, 2013

Star-Cross'd Winners

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 10:13 PM
Can you believe it's been six rounds of Star-Cross'd already? This round we had more participants than ever before and I hope that continues into the seventh round! The winners' banners and Round VII prompts will be up in a few hours (EDIT: Tomorrow).

Honorable Mention 60 Minutes, 3,600 Seconds by Mr. Ree

Other Entries

Winner | A Reunion by anita darling
Honorable Mention | Saving Juliet by rosieroo

Other Entries

(If your entry is not listed above, it's because it failed to meet one of the three requirements)

Also, almost forgot to mention- ADoR turned three years old this past November, so that's something to celebrate. We've come a long way since 2009, no? Since ADoR moved to blogspot in August 2011, we've gotten over 420,000 hits so I'd like to sincerely thank any person who has ever visited us. I would've never imagined that ADoR would still be going strong, but it has, and that's all thanks to your suggestions (and my fantastic judges)! 


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