Monday, January 21, 2013

Pleasantly Perturbed

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Pleasantly Perturbed by templeton21
He wasn’t her best friend. He wasn’t the big man on campus. They didn’t know one another and had never seen each other before. He was just a boy and she was a girl, meeting by chance over a bowl of fruit salad and a disagreement about Sylvia Plath.
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Melissa Thinks:  Bonding over books, weather, and life itself on an uncharacteristically warm day spent in a coffee shop was surely not what Milo and Charlie had planned. They meet and instantly start a pleasantly perturbing banter with one another that leaves them both strangely attracted to one another. The plot, fairly simple yet charming, is cliched, but that doesn't keep it from being entertaining and likable. I thought the characters stood out in this story; they're easy to remember and quite agreeable with the reader. I like this one shot. It’s perfectly paced, well written, and it’s clean and organized storyline makes it attractive. Will templeton21 turn it into a full story? Maybe in the future. For now, however, it’ll remain a standalone.


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