Monday, January 21, 2013

Your Cat is Dead

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Your Cat is Dead by invisible.writer
She considered sending him a text message, but perhaps it was too cold. "Your cat is dead, come take care of the mess" did see rather heartless. Grudgingly she dialed the oh-so familiar number that was his...
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Belinda Thinks: Sometimes people need an excuse to call an ex-boyfriend. Maybe a forgotten article of clothing, maybe a new . For one girl, this excuse happens to be the unpleasant remains of their shared cat, Hunter S. Thompson, laying in the middle of the road - not exactly the most agreeable start.
The writer’s voice is spot on, creating mood and back-story with a light and grey touch, and encapsulating the narrators dry sense of humour and matter-of-fact point of view. I really enjoyed reading this story; it was immersive and detailed, building empathy with the characters without giving unnecessary, potentially distracting detail.

The premise is original and engaging, with the dead cat becoming more than a pet; rather, it is a symbol of their relationship as it was, and as it is today. The plot is simple, but the emotional intricacies and shared past of the two former-lovers are beautifully and fully formed.

I cannot recommend this story highly enough; it is a really wonderful example of impeccable style and concise and deceptively restrained writing.


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