Monday, January 21, 2013

Chill Pill

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Chill Pill by Thornton
Ben's got his hands full after discovering his girlfriend's "little problem." When Bridgette's ex barges in to the rescue, life gets even more complicated.
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Marta Thinks: Meet Ben. Meet his girlfriend, Bridgette. Meet Dave, Bridgette’s ex. Result: an incredibly original story that you wish you were creative enough to have thought of. However, Thornton irrefutably does a better job than anyone could have ever done. Her story is wonderfully written, with its strengths mainly lying in its well-rounded characterization and compelling dialogue. It is literally impossible for someone to not grin madly whilst reading each chapter. What’s more it’s written in such a simple and straightforward way that makes it easy and enjoyable to read.

But don’t let this fool you. Chill Pill can initially appear like a light story but it also has a stronger storyline: the detoxing of drug addict. This situation makes the story realistic which creates a greater appeal – accuracy is what you what to find in every single story in order to make it somewhat relatable. Thornton clearly realized this and executed this part of the plot perfectly.

Do I really need to say that this is a story everyone should read or is it obvious enough?

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