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The Classics of Love

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The Classics of Love by xoxluurve
She was everything he wasn't, nothing he ever needed, someone he didn't deserve. But it didn't matter. Watching her serenade him, eyes bright with humour and something so tender it made his heart ache – he decided he wanted her anyway.
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Rosie Thinks: I don't know why I've taken so long to read this story, especially since xoxluurve is one of my favourite authors - don't make the same mistake as me! I'm going to have an honest moment here and say that at the beginning, I didn't like the two main characters. Maybe it was because I usually fall in love with xoxluurve's characters so quickly and wasn't used to it taking a bit longer here! But, as the story went on, I slowly understood the reasons behind their two personalities and as xoxluurve unveiled the workings of Xavier and Artemis' minds (beautiful names, by the way), I grew to really like them both. They're three dimensional - they behave certain ways because of how their lives have been shaped.

Artemis is insanely smart but likes to keep to herself, especially in the elite school she attends. Xavier is at the other end of the spectrum and, on the surface, has it all: looks, brains and an athlete. But he is more than just a little rude and comes up with sometimes obtuse justifications for his behaviour. Both of them, together are just... I can't find the words to describe how much I loved their interactions! With these two, it is most definitely not love at first sight (which is why this is also in the hate/love category!).

The beginning of the first chapter, while a bit slow, serves to set up Artemis's setting and her as a character. Her inner monologues really helped to establish her personality and her views. There is a little bit of mystery weaved into the story, particularly in Xavier's life. xoxluurve gives you tiny hints that have you guessing and reading on furiously to find out the answers. I love how as the story went on, it became more than just the relationship between Artemis and Xavier. The family dynamics that xoxluurve wrote were so realistically dealt with and heartbreaking. I have to add here that there is something about the title that I just love - I can't explain it, but it just rolls of my tongue! Overall, it was a story that slowly reeled me in and now has me addicted, especially since Xavier and Artemis' relationship is so uncliche and cute!


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