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The Agent

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The Agent by Quinn and His Quill
In the Spring of 2006, Aldous Asquith, The Assassin, escaped from a mental hospital just outside London, and then...just vanished. The Year is 2010 and the British Monarchy is under threat. Who will MI6 turn to now? The same person as last time, of course
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Rosie Thinks: ''The Agent' is a fast-moving and action packed story, like a Hollywood action/thriller put into words. The plot is truly original and extremely creative, with all the details seeming legitimate and believable. Set in England, it's about the MI6 recruiting retired assassin Aldous Asquith, to help stop a conspiracy to take down the Queen. But in the story, in an interesting twist, the Queen isn't a figurehead, and is rather extremely powerful and in control of many nations. Quinn and his Quill definitely did not hold back with the plot, creating a thrilling and exciting story. There is also a hint of romance in it - the relationship between Aldous and Verity was so great to read about, especially since they go from one end of the spectrum to the other at the drop of a hat.

The action is all really well written and the author obviously knows what he is talking about. The detail, particularly with different types of guns and their uses, is pretty amazing. The whole story is written intelligently, with a sometimes humorous, sometimes dark tone. I only realised halfway through reading this that it is actually a sequel, but I don't think having not read the first one affected my reading at all. There were minimal mistakes throughout, with the only overly obvious one being the mistake of putting miles instead of kilometres, once.

Aldous is a great character - you think you know him and then he does something that'll completely change your opinion of him. He's funny and I loved reading in his POV, but he is also incredibly unsympathetic and a tad insane. Quinn and his Quill developed him well, as you could tell how he has been shaped by his experiences. The author slowly unveils his character too, which kept me addicted (as well as the plot, of course!). It is mainly in Aldous' POV but it switches between a lot of characters. It wasn't confusing at all and I quite liked how detailed the author made it, so you really felt like you were inside the head of the character, even if he/she was a minor one. The ending stopped at a perfect place, with just enough conclusion to keep you happy. I could seriously see this story as a movie, playing out in my head!


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