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Put Out the Light

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Put Out the Light by Catherine Julia Jefferson
Malcolm Leight, private consultant to the police, only fucks his roommate/assistant/doctor/lovesick fanboy Peter Grayson on the nights he solves a case. There is nothing sacred about the ritual, though Peter wishes there was.
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Rosie Thinks: This story, to me, read almost like a great crime TV show. It focuses on the infamous private investigator Malcolm Leight and his assistant, Dr Peter Grayson, who is suffering from a serious case of unrequited love at the beginning I did get a bit of a Sherlock feel from it, but that was just because of Leight's amazing deductive abilities. The author, however, crafts a completely different character for Leight, so the two aren't that similar. Each chapter, roughly, focuses on a different case that Leight and Peter are working on, with their relationship developing in the background. Despite the cases taking place, both characters' personalities and histories are still explored in depth.

This was supposed to be a one-shot, but I am so glad that Catherine Julia Jefferson continued to make it eight chapters long. Each case is individual and well-thought out, with just the right amount of time spent focused on it. Catherine Julia Jefferson's writing is fluent, with the third person narration displaying Peter's personality perfectly. She has a nice balance between description and dialogue and I like how, despite the angst-y tone, there aren't any long soliloquies on Peter's feelings that can come across as unnecessary whining. I really liked how the author linked the cases to Leight and Peter's relationship, showing how well-structured it is. Everything about the story was realistic for me, except for maybe why Peter goes to the Fury in chapter seven. Apart from that, I really enjoyed this story and it will definitely stand out in my mind for a while, due to its originality.


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