Sunday, February 10, 2013

I won't regret you

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I won't regret you by punctured.lungs
shooting stars and seventh-hand cars
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Helen Thinks: “I Won’t Regret You” by city nights is a poem that details a period of time that we are all aware of; High School. No matter where you are in the world, High School is pretty much the same for everyone. It’s that steady transgression of growing up that shapes our futures but do we ever look at it like that when we first arrive?

My favourite aspect of this poem was the tone. Even as I read it quietly, I could hear myself saying it with an almost child-like beat. Do you know those songs you sing when playing with a skipping rope? I felt it was like that. Of course, this is thanks to city night’s fantastic use of rhyme. The power of the rhyme helps with the delivery and reception of the poem.

“I Won’t Regret You” by city nights is a cute, catchy poem that is a quick read and will have you falling in love with their writing.


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