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Pono by templeton21
A short epilogue from "After the End". She had such an intense level of faith in him. He would not fail either of them.
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Annie Thinks: Pono is, as the summary says, an epilogue for a full-length story by templeton21. I was very wary of this going in. I thought it would be hard to follow and confusing, considering I hadn't read the story it was for. I expected to be disappointed, but I was very far from it.

Pono is about Jason and Jules, a couple who sticks together after the end of the world. They roam from town to town, trying to find warmth and safety, which is becoming increasingly harder to find and even more important since Jules is four months pregnant with Jason's child. 

Although it isn't completely clear what caused the apocalypse, certain clues point to zombies, or, as they call them, Walkers. I'm a total zombie enthusiast, so the fact that they were called Walkers also made me wary because, in the amazing TV show "The Walking Dead," zombies are also referred to as Walkers. However, it was evident that Pono isn't fanfiction. Jason and Jules are original characters who have their own original stories, though they evoke the same fear and heartbreak as Rick Grimes' story. Jason and Jules have to find their own strength or at least fake it, especially since all they have is each other. The ending is very bittersweet--and, I'll be honest, I teared up a little bit. Their love for each other and for their unborn child is strong and fierce, even stronger and fiercer than their fear of losing one another. Pono is a truly beautiful, heartbreaking story that, in my opinion, captures the emotional aspect of being some of the last people on Earth perfectly.


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