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Singing the Last Song

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Singing the Last Song by found.eventually
I liked you because you were stupid and that made me look smarter. You went for me so you could cheat during exams. We had sex and got caught, your hands on my boobs. We have two kids, one of which, apparently, developed HIV. At the age of two.
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Annie Thinks: Words cannot explain how deeply and truly I fell in love with this one-shot. I was unsure about it at first (I always am!) but I'm so thankful that I read on.

It chronicles the story of a boy and a girl, from the beginning of their friendship to the heartbreak it accompanies. The girl slowly but surely falls for the boy, even when he gets a new girlfriend, makes her fail a piano exam, and forgets to pick her up. Throughout the entire one-shot, she is tortured by her unrequited love for him, and, though he's a jerk, I found myself loving him a little bit too.

I think one of the reasons I loved this story so much is because I can relate to it. The guy is a total jerk, unworthy of her love, but she still finds herself in deep with him. He's a total charmer--he knows just what to say and what to do at just the right time. It's all too easy for her to fall for his charm.
Of course, there are many other reasons to love this story. The girl is just so sweet and so realistic that I found it hard notto like her. She was flawed, of course--she gave too much of herself to the guy, and gave up too much for him. This just made the heartbreak that much sadder. The guy was well-written as well. His actions made him seem like a jerk, but his words and affection towards her made it clear that he really, truly cared about her--just not in the way that she wanted him to.

If you've ever had your heart broken (or wanted to know what it felt like, for whatever reason) then read Singing the Last Song. It's so very honest and real; it may or may not have made me cry.


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