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The Poisoner's Ring

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The Poisoner's Ring by FreezingRayne
Cale lives the quiet life, until he meets two strange travelers one windy evening. Now, Cale finds himself indentured to a man both beautiful and deadly, as quick to kill as he is to smile, who's title is whispered with cold fear: The Poisoner.
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Rosie Thinks: 'The Poisoner's Ring' had me completely and utterly hooked the entire way through. It does combine my two favourite genres, after all: slash and fantasy! The summary looked like I'd hit the jackpot and the rest of the story didn't disappoint. Due to being accidentally poisoned by Azri, Cale is dragged along with Azri and his travelling companion to find the cure in the capital city before he dies of it. And, to add to the situation, Cale can't help but feel an instant attraction to the mysterious Poisoner (Azri).

I loved both the main characters and thought they were characterised beautifully - they both had flaws and were realistic, for their situations. The chemistry between the two of them was noticeable and sizzling, and their developing relationship enthralled me. Well, the entire storyline enthralled me! The plot is completely original and different from the many other fantasy novels I've read. This means that it definitely stands out in my mind. This story really did deserve winning the SKoW Judge's Pick for Best Original Universe. Although the world is not described in great detail, it is built up in small snippets so by the end, I had a good idea of the world FreezingRayne has created and how it works.

The descriptions are well detailed but they don't overshadow the story line. FreezingRayne has a talent for describing the action clearly and succinctly. There were some inconsistencies with the dialogue's language, as it seemed to get less formal towards the end, but it wasn't overly noticeable. However I should warn you that although there is a sequel, it hasn't been updated in a few years. This didn't stop me from enjoying it, however!


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