Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Misener Experiment

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The Misener Experiment by Turtle.Goddess
Sure, the experiment was a weird idea - reading people by comparing them to junk food. I mean, there was nothing better to do at Fresh Mart. But now my cute co-worker thinks I'm crazy and wants me to conduct the experiment on him. Uh oh.
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Helen Thinks: Megan, our lead, works at Fresh Mart and has put together an experiment that compares the shoppers to junk food as a method of keeping herself amused. What she did not mean to do was say some of the nicknames out loud in front of Carter, her cute co-worker, who now thinks she is downright insane but also wanted to know what junk food he is. The problem is... Megan cannot work that out.

“The Misener Experiment” by TurtleGoddess may be the ‘I am madly in love with my co-worker’ cliché but throw in the fantastic sub-plot of the experiment and what have you got... a unique read that has you glued to your screen. I think the added bonus is the realism of the characters from both the protagonist characters and the minor ones. My favourite aspect is the minor character that is usually a little frosty towards Megan is the one to direct her at the end – which is often the case, right?

With the added bonus of light elements of humour and it overload on cute fluffiness, the ‘Misener Experiment’ is that story you will remember and especially from its hidden moral that you cannot label someone because changes happen. More importantly though, it will have you sat wondering what piece of junk food am I? and any store that can leave that impact on a reader is flawless.


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