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The Art of Faith

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The Art of Faith by NightWhisper25
I was exactly the kind of girl this shouldn't happen to: devoutly Catholic, learned in my faith, and confident in my beliefs. At least, that was the case until God's worst weather blew Meg into my life, making me question everything I believed about love, faith, right, and wrong
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Ariana Thinks: Someone once told me that there are two types of stories: one in which ordinary people have extraordinary experiences, and another in which extraordinary people have ordinary experiences. "Art of Faith" fits into neither of those categories. Rather, NightWhisper25 portrays the beautiful simplicity of two very ordinary people going through very ordinary events. What makes "Art of Faith" so interesting is the extraordinary relationship between these two people. Meg and Naomi, the protagonists, meet by pure coincidence; yet their friendship grows until it transcends both religion and sexual preference. In many stories, the characters jump straight into relationships. This is definitely not the case with Naomi and Meg- NightWhisper25 takes time in fleshing out the emotions involved in building a friendship as well as the events that help lead to it. It is easy to understand why Naomi and Meg become friends. It is even easier to grow invested in Meg and Naomi's relationship.

On top of portraying a stunningly realistic friendship, "Art of Faith" also elaborates on the minor details of its character's lives: the relationship between Naomi and her mother, Meg's cultural identity, and Naomi's interest in art, all serve to add to the overall beauty of the story. NightWhisper25 strikes a perfect balance between her dialogue and narrative, as well. I never felt bored by her narrative- every piece was so wonderfully written that I found myself entranced with NightWhisper25's writing style. The dialogue was, as aforementioned, incredibly realistic, and never once did I find myself cringing at corny lines or overused cliches. Moreover, the POV switches in "Art of Faith" weren't confusing and repetitive like they often are in many other stories.

NightWhisper25 is definitely an author to look out for, and her story "Art of Faith" is one of the best I have read. Truly a masterpiece, "Art of Faith" will leave you both incredibly satisfied and desperate for another chapter. Give "Art of Faith" a chance- I promise, you will be just as blown away as I am.


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