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The Sailor's General Superior

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The Sailor's General Superior by IceraMyst
Calentine is having a bad day. His head's bashed in, his ship is sunk, and the most important man in the kingdom just fell in love with him in the worst way. 
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Rosie Thinks: One of the most amazing things I found about this story (other than the plot, of course) was the world-building. IceraMyst has created a three-dimensional world that is completely different from many others I've read about and is probably one of the best examples of world-building on fictionpress. An added bonus is that there were no big information dumps at the beginning. The world and its workings was introduced slowly and skilfully but by the end, I had a thorough knowledge of it.

The summary is absolutely perfect and hooked me from the start. Calentine is Paraz's 'focus', making his magic more powerful and making him fall in love and dedicate himself to Calentine. However, not only is Calentine a sailor and Paraz the General Superior and Duke, but Calentine is only a human while Paraz belongs to the elite Dzali. Since they can't be separated now, Calentine is dragged into the world of the ruling Dzali and to the forefront of the war.

Admittedly, the relationship between Calentine and Paraz moved slowly, but the main focus of this story is the fantasy side of it. I didn't mind the progress of their relationship though, as it felt very natural. Plus, the plot itself was fast-moving and utterly enthralling. At the beginning, I didn't particularly like Paraz, since he was a bit one dimensional, but as the story progressed he was developed extremely well and by the end, I loved him. Apart from that, all the characters are incredibly individual and well developed, and even the ones you don't particularly like are three-dimensional and real.

Calentine was a great main character, surprisingly intelligent for a lowly sailor and humble. I loved IceraMyst's writing style, since it was very well detailed yet also had smart and appropriate dialogue. It isn't completely wrapped up at the end, but there is a sequel that is just as amazing and updated fairly regularly. So if anyone out there wants an extremely well-written epic fantasy story, I highly recommend this one!


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