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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Vespertine by this wild abyss
I was eleven when my third husband died. The people of Aegyptus thought I was cursed but they didn't understand. They didn't understand that I was more than a wife—more than a woman. Magna Mater had chosen me. 
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Rosie Thinks: I found 'Vespertine' to be an intriguing and completely unexpected read. The person who suggested this to me wrote 'read it. Learn what the word "miscellaneous" means' and I truly did. This story was like nothing I've ever read before or wanted to read before, but it is so well-written and the characters so well-portrayed that I'm addicted!

From the very first sentence, 'Vespertine' is a powerful read. Noemi is young - only eleven years old - yet what she has gone through has made her ancient. She is bitter and cold yet the reader can't help but feel for her. Her voice is so strong and consistent that it helps to develop her character extremely quickly. this wild abyss' writing is extremely poetic and descriptive, yet Noemi's voice doesn't get lost in it. She is a fairly introspective character, yearning for the days before her ambitious mother forced her to keep marrying the Imperator's sons. 'Vespertine' is very much focused on Noemi and her struggles, and I could go on all day about how intricate her character is!

The story unfolds slowly yet dramatically, with many unexpected twists. It took me a while to understand the setting and realise that 'Vespertine' is a mix of historical and fantasy - set in ancient Egypt (or Aegyptus) but with a new twist on the religion, giving it the fantasy aspect. The world that Noemi lives in is vivid to the reader, as well as the strange customs. Overall, this story reads like a published book and will draw you into the detailed world this wild abyss has created.


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