Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jersey's Wild

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Jersey's Wild by Ravina
Weird doesn't even begin to cover Lori. "Why would you keep around something you hate?" I asked her. She sighed and met my eyes. "Well I hate my grandma, but I still have to keep her around. Don't set a bad example for me, Dillon."
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Helen Thinks: Lost in the middle of nowhere; because seriously, no matter what age they are, men are NOT going to stop and get instructions; Dillon and his friend pull up at rest stop in the middle of nowhere, hoping that the owner will be able to tell them where they are. What they don’t expect is a quirky girl to be working behind the counter. “Jersey's Wild” by Ravina is one of those rare fictionpress stories that is told via the male point of view, specifically Dillon's, and it's written flawlessly. The most amazing part of the story is the realistic angle. The concept of being lost and stopping at the first rest stop you see to ask for directions where you know something weirdly crazy is going to happen – or it has whenever my friends and I have got lost! Lori's added craziness makes the story that much more entertaining and has you smiling along with the characters, even rolling your eyes at times as the males act way too cocky but you know it is how college boys would act when faced with a girl! It's a weird little one shot that will have you smiling for a good while after it's finished!


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