Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quest for Quiche

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Quest for Quiche by invisible.writer
We've all read it, heard it, been there, done that but I am still looking for my cliche, and I will leave no rock unturned, no tree uprooted until I find mine.
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Belinda Thinks: As much as we love a good cliché here at ADoR, I’m willing to bet that Erin, our protagonist here, loves them more. Her obsession with potential clichéd romance is extensive and engrossing, dominating her opinions about classes, friends and potential after-school activities. Erin is a well-drawn caricature of the female attraction to the formulaic romance in her desire to be “ravished” so that her fairytale can begin.

She’s looking for a nice jock, or a sexy nerd, or really any of the myriad high school stereotypes available, completely ignoring the one guy who is constant in her life, Thaddeus. His refuses to be contained in a box frustrates her - he isn’t a genius, he isn’t dumb, he isn't a jock, or a musician, and he has friends in all the main social groups at school. How is someone so "normal" supposed to make a girl swoon?

Although Erin can be a little grating with her single-mindedness, and we can see where her romantic nature is going to lead, the story is an enjoyable read and technically flawless. The author gently makes fun of the clichés rampant in romantic fiction, taking it to extremes to make this very valid point: there’s nothing wrong with loving a normal guy.


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