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Soft by Disasterology
She is so soft. Softer than Heaven
Banner Credit: Helen

Helen Thinks: You are all going to find this extremely strange but I have to admit that despite being the slash judge, I have a difficult relationship with femmeslash. I could not tell you a hundred per cent why I do but I just find it hard to read. However, I have to admit that this is not the case with ‘Soft’ by Disasterology.

‘Soft’ was created as the response to a challenge on mibba to introduce more femmeslash to the website and I believe this story delivered beautifully. ‘Soft’ is following the lead up to a sexual encounter between the narrator and her partner. Yes, you may think that means it’s going to be sleazy and a step away from porn but that is not the case, not a bit. Disasterology has managed to hit into every emotion that reminds people that the love shared between two people is a beautiful thing and it should be appreciated. The writing manages to enchant the reader into falling for the words, for the movements and yearn for the love that is obviously there.

With beautiful prose that is dripping with emotion and two characters that we never really meet, ‘Soft’ is a one shot that you will be reading again and again.

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  1. As the author of this story, I cannot express to you the happiness I felt when this review was brought to my attention. I am deeply honored. Thank you from the deepest pits of my lesbian gratitude. Happy to see femmeslash isn't completely forgotten in the vast array of text that is the Internet world.

    With Much Appreciation,
    the Cheesy Disasterology



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