Saturday, February 16, 2013

Walk on my Heart

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Your feet still bleed from the thorns she laid on your way./ But you can walk on my heart, it's lying right here every day./ You can crumble it to pieces if it makes you feel better./ You're treating me exactly how you were treated by her.
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Helen Thinks:  ‘Walk on my Heart’ by Dreamer Thinker is a real beautiful piece. Thanks to the repetition of two lines throughout the poem, a pace is kept and their message conveyed. Detailing the distressing emotion of being someone’s fall to person – the rebound – this poem will probably hit the heart chords of many. The first three stanzas detail how the narrator is fine with the way they are being treated, even if it is not how they should be treated, but then the final one hits a different tune. In my eyes, this sudden change of attitude shows how a person finally wakes up and realises that nothing is going to change so therefore it is time to make a stand. With stunning description, a visually captive layout and the use of repetition, ‘Walk on my Heart’ by Dreamer Thinker is a poem that will have you all clutching at your chest.


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