Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Hole Already Filled with Weird

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The Hole Already Filled with Weird by star123
Sometimes you fall in a hole and there's only one person you want to be there with you. Sometimes the hole is literal.
Banner Credit: Marta

Ali Thinks: What’s a good way to get over a weird situation? Get into another situation that’s equally as—if not more—weird. Calling the friend you kissed and have been avoiding every since to help you get out a literal hole would definitely fall into the “more weird” category.

In just one scene (that takes place in a hole, no less), star123 takes a very unorthodox situation between two friends and turns it into a one-shot that is basically the definition of short and sweet.

I was lovely how, despite the obvious tension between the two companions, there is still a light undertone of humor that surrounds them and their story. Their relationship was realistic and charming, the way they communicate making it clear how familiar and comfortable with each other they are, even while their circumstances are anything but.

This one-shot is short enough to only take a few minutes out of your day, fun enough to make you laugh, and cute enough to put a smile on your face. You make thousands of choices and investments every day, and reading “The Hole Already Filled with Weird” would be a great addition to them.


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