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With Intent

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With Intent by Zebbie
Adam's got the Spidey Sense but he'd rather be The Invisible Man. Your regular Marvel Action Hero minus lycra and enthusiasm for saving the world, he'd rather just ignore it and his dormant to extinct love life. Going nuts is more of a problem.
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Rosie Thinks: The thing that makes this story really stand out is the main character, Adam. Adam has a strange power - he can see 'bad intentions', as he calls it. As in, he can see an act of extreme violence that's already happened or someone who is thinking about it. It's an absolutely horrible power to have, but I just couldn't stop reading about it. It was just so enthralling and addicting to find out what Zebbie throws at you next.

I like how there are reasons why Adam is the way he is - introverted, careful, likes to keep his head down - mainly because of this crazy power of his. Zebbie really got into his head and explored the possibilities and roads this power could take one down. His OCD-ness was a surprising part of his character, but fit in with his personality well and was consistent plus intriguing.

Adam meets Joe at the cafe where he works, but they truly come into contact when Joe finds and arrests Adam at a crime scene. Adam ends up helping Joe find his daughter as Joe struggles to understand him. Things develop between them slowly, with Adam thinking Joe is 'Mr Perfectly Straight', but this isn't the sole focus of the story. It is equally character motivated as it is plot motivated, and the reader is at the edge of the seat wanting to solve the mystery.

There is a lot of long chunks of description that can look a bit intimidating. However, I didn't find any of it long-winded, boring or hard to get through. It wasn't an info dump either, even though the start is mainly description. It actually showcases Adam's personality in a way that is interesting and realistic. Zebbie has created a totally original and intriguing plot that is sure to draw you in. She writes beautifully and both the dialogue and the narration flows well. 'With Intent' has a great concept and an amazing story-line, I highly recommend!


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