Saturday, February 16, 2013

to the boy with artist's hands

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from the girl with dreamer's eyes.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Marta Thinks: No other person on fictionpress writes like CuriousContradiction. She has a way of making banal and trivial objects important and can easily spin the simplest sentences into something that sounds like poetry. Imagery comes easy to her and being abstract is her mother tongue. This all contributes to make her 140 word one shot an extremely powerful one.

Like most of her pieces, this piece is entirely up to individual interpretation. I read the various reviews. Some took the one shot literally. Many said that for them it talks about how love lets you ignore the pain, and pushes you to do everything for your loved one. A particularly thoughtful review, said the last paragraph “captures humanity…everyone is ugly on the outside if you think about it. but on the inside, their dedication, and love, is what gives them their beauty.”

Whatever you choose this one shot to mean, it will undeniably affect you in some way or another. CuriousContradiction makes sure of that.


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