Saturday, March 16, 2013

10 Reasons Why

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Leyton's always been stubborn. It's just the way she is. So there's no way that a measly ten-bullet list will ever persuade her to date Kent. Ever. 
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Marta Thinks: This one-shot could be one of the fluffiest and cliche one shots I've ever read. But that shouldn't put you off at all. Kent and Leyton - the two characters - are very clear and consistent; you can tell you can easily tell that they genially know each other from their interactions. Additionally, it's a funny one shot. Maybe you won’t die from laughter, but you’ll definitely have a grin on your face – especially when you read Kent's list ("Reasons Why You Should Date Yours Truly (Kent) and Not Derek").

The only thing I'd have to point out is that there's not much depth overall. However, this is hardly an issue. It's clearly meant to be a short piece and I think it would have lost its light and simple touch if it were longer.


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