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"We reinvented the English language, weaving whispers with the shadows between our bodies, entangled our limbs into a lifetime's worth of romantic prose and breathy poetry." 
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Brittany Thinks: Sometimes while reading I will stumble across a turn of phrase and find myself flabbergasted by an author's abilities. In fact, it's one of my favorite things about reading; those lines that are beautiful and so eloquently encapsulate the emotional moments in life most difficult to verbalize. Silence, a one shot by stephayyy, is packed with such instances for me. It has an almost stream of consciousness feel, blending a plethora of metaphors and unique word choices - and an enviable and rich vocabulary. Stephayyy takes us through the pain of watching love die in a heart wrenching, devastatingly beautiful way. Our speaker - who remains unnamed, something that, in my opinion, adds depth and humanity to the story - faces the realization that her relationship has ended with bravery and emotional nakedness. I wanted to reach into the story and comfort her, but it was fascinating to follow her internal voice. Stephayyy's understanding of one of the darkest moments of human existence shines through almost suspensefully. I knew what to expect from the beginning and still hoped it would go another way. At times I felt slightly overwhelmed by the adjectives and metaphors, but overall Stephayyy composed this story so beautifully. I read it three times and discovered something different with each revisit. It's definitely one worth reading and bookmarking for future views. I think this author will be one to follow.


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