Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hab Dich Lieb

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When you leave town at the age of eighteen, there is usually a reason. Returning five years later is generally not seen as a good idea, especially when the townspeople subscribe to small-town racism and you’re engaged to the enemy.
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Ariana Thinks: Hab Dich Lieb is the kind of story that draws you into its plot and characters and makes you fall in love. In Hab Dich Lieb, dear-llama portrays the pure, unchanging love of Lila and Mike both beautifully and realistically. Lila and Mike's deep love for each other is never questionable, despite the arguments and obstacles they face. By the end of the story, I felt physically connected to Lila and Mike, and rather than reading her story as a fictional experience, I found myself treating it like a window into the life of someone else. Not once did I think that dear-llama's characters behaved in an unexpected or unrealistic manner, and the added element of racism only serves to make the story more meaningful by conveying a seriousness that demonstrates what real love is all about. Hab Dich Lieb does more than just present you with a story- it lets you experience the life and love of another person and understand what love is all about.


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