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By Moonlight

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A sheltered young prince makes a friend late one night that will change his world forever, though he will encounter considerable odds before he can truly be happy.
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Helen Thinks: Well I do not know how often I tell you that I adore stories that stand alone in the busy crowd that is the fictionpress archive and boy did I hit the jackpot with “By Moonlight” by Tygati. I mean, seriously, who does not want to read a tale where the crown Prince falls in love with a half blood soldier – especially when the other half of his genetic makeup is barbarian. This story follows the friendship that forms between Inzika and Ebedi which gradually progresses into a romance that is broken apart by Inzika’s Uncle; who sends Ebedi away.

The first thing that hit me was Tygati’s beautiful descriptive writing. I swear to God, I fell in love with it from the first paragraph because it just painted a gorgeous picture in my mind. It literally felt as if I was there with Inzika; the Crown Prince; when he was sneaking out of his bedroom so that he could go to the library and could picture Ebedi; the half blood soldier; practicing his sword fighting. Writing that flawless should be really difficult but yet Tygati makes it look like a walk in the park.

Inzika, Ebedi and the minor characters are extremely realistic. You can feel every emotion that Tygati is conveying in their characters. Each character has a certain profile of characteristics that maybe cliché like that the power thirsty uncle that is trying to steal Inzika’s throne yet Tygati makes you believe it is the first time you are reading the concept.

I have only two issues with this story and one is the layout. The story takes place over several years and yet there’s no break between the paragraphs to show time change. Maybe the use of three asterisks or a line break would have made it clearer for the reader to know that a time change had taken place. My second issue is the rating. Tygati has rated it an ‘M’ but for me an ‘M’ usually means a lot more than a few steamy kisses. I think ‘By Moonlight’ would have been much better suited as a ‘T’ story.

With a fantastic plot, perfect characters and a beautiful style of writing, ‘By Moonlight’ is that slash story that has been missing from your life.


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