Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet the Sheldricks

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When you have a crazy, rather insane family, introducing them to the person of your dreams isn’t the smartest idea. Too bad my siblings never actually give me a choice.
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Rosie Thinks: This story just reminds me of those overprotective older brother stories, except on speed - Lettie has ten siblings, five of which are overprotective, older brothers. She rightly refers to them all as a 'circus'! Lettie has always had a crush on Brandon, but has been too scared of her circus of a family to do anything about it. When he makes the moves on her, however, she can't resist. She still tries harder than anything to keep him from meeting the other 14 members of her family! This makes for lots of hilarious encounters as Lettie struggles to keep Brandon from realising just how mental her family is.

There are a huge amount of characters for just a one shot (since there are so many people in the family, of course) but I really liked how Quill-and-Blood didn't try to info dump them on the reader. Probably my favourite part in the story was the names of the characters - that part will definitely be staying with me for a long time! The whole story is cliche, but so wonderfully original with the huge family. I honestly would love to read side-stories about the entire family, they seem so hilarious. Brandon was also a bit different from the other love interests you see - he was definitely incorrigible, but still loveable. 'Meet the Sheldricks' was completely hilarious and definitely stands out for me.


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