Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mopeds Come in Pink

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Mopeds Come in Pink by Jemia
The boy was gorgeous. Slap his face on a Calvin Klein underwear ad and I swear, those boxers would sell. It's just too bad we attended rival schools. Contact was off-limits. But then again, he had never been big on following rules...
Banner Credit: Atramento
Marta Thinks: "Mopeds Come in Pink" is an extremely funny, extremely well written one shot. It's hard not to get invested into the short story; Addison and Dylan are interesting characters and their interactions never fail to provide a smile. They’re a little bit cliched, but that's what makes them so sweet and special. I'm certain that it wouldn't have worked any other way. And although the one shot was a response to a challenge (which meant it had to fulfill certain requirements) it didn't feel forced at all. The one shot flows smoothly and surely and soon those 13,518 appeared too little. Because, trust me, it's that good.


  1. Um, you said that the banner credit was to Mellissa. But it wasn't. That's Atramento's banner.

  2. Man, how sassy are some of the commenters on here?

  3. ^ Damn straight.

  4. I don't think she's being sassy. If Melissa didn't make that banner and Atramento did, then why shouldn't she get the credit?

  5. She should absolutely get the credit. But anon #1 could have said so in a better way



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