Friday, April 19, 2013

The EllieFin in the Cupboard

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The EllieFin in the Cupboard by star123
'I grinned, liking this stranger with his warm brown eyes and cup that announced he was a 12 year old girl.' Turns out cupboards under the stairs aren't just for wizards.
Banner Credit: Ali

Ari Thinks: Loaded with hilarious awkwardness and unbelievable cuteness, "The EllieFin in the Cupboard" is one of those stories that force a giant, cheesy grin on your face. From start to finish, star123's oneshot was funny and engaging. Ellie's inner voice had me laughing at many points throughout the story, and she is incredibly easy to relate to. Although star123 loaded her story with cliches, she put her own spin on each cliche and didn't let them overpower her unique tale. Short, sweet, and fluffy, "The EllieFin in the Cupboard" is one of those stories you want to read over and over again when you're having a bad day because it will undoubtedly make you laugh.


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