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Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride

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The diviner said unto me 'You will be mated to a monster'. I told her she was full of it. I knew she made it up just to get rid of me. But now when I gaze at the man with the spiffy hat, I wasn't so sure anymore.
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Marta Thinks: The first few chapters of this story were slightly slow and full of details, which made me rather hesitant on whether to review the story or not. However, once the introductions were put aside, I could hardly stop myself from reading the whole story. I soon got invested in the main relationship and the mystery surrounding the main character, Dantia (which isn't cleared up in this story, but in its sequel).

I think what really impressed me the most was how Sorceress Myst created such a detailed world. The Falucites and their mannerisms were described incredibly well, that it felt as though Sorceress Myst knew them inside out! Moreover, she even crafted a map of Orja, which, besides being useful, also proved to me even further how well she knew what was going on. Creating a new world is such a difficult task, but it seemed so effortless, because it was done so well.

The sexual themes which Sorceress Myst mentions in her summary are definitely there. However, most of them have been cut, so that even if the story's rated M, it's nothing scandalous. The uncut scenes have been posted on her website, in case anyone wants to read them. They're not overdone and written as well as the rest of her story.

Needless to say, this is one story that I'm going to enjoy reading over and over again - each time finding something new and wonderful to admire.


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