Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sly Dog

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Winning her over had nothing to do with flowers, chocolate or suave dance moves. He only kept barging through her door to harass her.
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Rosie Thinks: 'Sly Dog' is up there with my favourite one-shots on fictionpress. Honestly, I was surprised that it wasn't already on the site and so eagerly snatched up the opportunity to rectify that! The whole thing flows so beautifully, from beginning to end, so I barely noticed the passing in time as they went from strangers to more. The love interest is very much a stray dog - slowly taking over our MC's apartment and life. I couldn't help but fall in love with him a little bit - his actions were just so hilarious and goofy.

The story is very much description heavy, with very little dialogue, but this is definitely not a bad thing. It makes this story even more unique for me, giving it a much different feel. It's cute, romantic and the ending is just so utterly adorable I couldn't help but 'aw' aloud. It was just so fluffy, but it didn't make me feel sick from all the happy/romantic feelings - a perfect balance! The sentences are all generally quite long and do run-on, but this added to the overall feel of the story. I actually think it helped the flow of it and gave the reader the feel of really being inside the MC's mind. The author, at the end, makes a note that she thinks there are some awkward sentences in there. If you haven't noticed, I don't agree with this at all. There were no jolting sentences and no mistakes, as far as I could tell. Overall, this is definitely a one-shot great and deserves its almost 300 reviews.


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