Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Knight and His Princess

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“Be happy with your future king. Love again. Fall freely and let him catch you.” Her eyes fell closed. He pulled away a little, but only to whisper into her ear: “Love crazily as I love you.”

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Marta Thinks: Although this is clearly one of xoxluurve’s earlier works, it certainly isn’t lacking. Its unnamed characters – the knight and the princess – have clear personalities even if they just appear for a few thousand words. Their feelings for each other are clear and don’t feel overdone. The dialogue is well written and although it reflects the time period in which the one shot is set, it doesn’t feel forced or incomprehensible. However, what really makes this one shot special is its plot. xoxluurve takes a relatively cliché idea and spins it into something incredibly realistic, thus making it her own. Even though there is no happy ending here, there is certainly a happy (albeit heartbroken) reader.


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