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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Intoxicated by thenifoundfivedollars
I needed a ride home and he was the only one who could understand my drunk text messages. But in that moment, I was too intoxicated to understand why, exactly, that was.
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Ali Thinks:  Best friends of the male variety are cool. Cute best friends of the male variety are even better. Nothing, however, beats a cute best friend of the male variety who can decipher drunk texts and give the inebriated rides home. Luckily for Harper, her best friend, Blake, fits into this latter category.

There were many supreme elements to this one-shot, but I'd have to say the best one was the fact that it didn't feel rushed. It's a short look into the lives of best friends who have the potential to be something amazing. thenifoundfivedollars gives just enough to show how close they are, a little more to make you fall in love with them, and finishes it in a way that's satisfying, despite it not being an orthodox happy ending.

With a single scene, a drunk female lead, and her caring best friend, thenifoundfivedollars pulled off exactly what she wanted to: a short, sweet one-shot with a nice male lead.

(This one was reviewed twice by accident)

Annie Thinks: I was too intoxicated to understand why, exactly, that was.
I've yet to come across a one-shot of thenifoundfivedollars' that has disappointed me. The sweet, quiet simplicity of them never fails to make me melt in girlish delight. It doesn't matter how short or long they are--thenifoundfivedollars can make you feel exactly how she wants you to feel with just a few words, and Intoxicated is no exception.

Intoxicated is a single scene in Blake and Harper's friendship, but it is a pivotal one. Blake saves a very drunk Harper from a bar and takes her back to his dorm, where she collapses on his bunk while he attempts to study in irritation. Of course, each word uttered and each glance shared are charged with the tension of a quite obvious mutual affection.

With simple prose and an almost poetic flow, thenifoundfivedollars has created a story that perfectly captures the torture of an almost-relationship. It really is just a lighthearted, quick read, but the ending left a heaviness in my chest. It seemed predictable at the beginning; however, not for the first time, thenifoundfivedollars broke my heart. (Though, honestly, if she hadn't, I would have been left disappointed.) In just over 1500 words, the ever-satisfying thenifoundfivedollars has created a beautiful story that is at once adorable and heartbreaking.


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