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The Good Witch

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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Based off of some old Florida folklore. There's a well known tombstone in Tallahassee that is rumored to be the resting place of a witch, and I took a little creative liberty with the story for a class project.
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Ali Thinks: One thing I can always say about Le Meg is that her

"The Good Witch" is composed of three scenes: two in 2006, and one in 1887. Annie, the main character, is so fascinated with a woman named Elizabeth Budd Graham (AKA Bessie) that she actually goes to have a séance at her grave at 3 in the morning with her quite reluctant friend, Neal. After setting the scene there, Le Meg jumps on back to 1887 where she tells Bessie's legacy and how she came to be known as a witch to those in her town. Though there was a dramatic change in time, the story's pace didn't falter, and neither did its feel.

It's funny how a short story based on folklore about a witch would could be so magical. Seriously, I will never understand how Le Meg is able to knock me out of the park every time I read something of hers. But it's okay, I don't have to understand how she does it when it's so obvious why I— and anyone who's read her writing— appreciate her talent so much.
writing flows. No matter what she does— even if she has a 100 year time jump— every word of every sentence of every section has its place and does its part, which makes her amazing story that much better.


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