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The Mannequin

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Drag. That's what happens when you combine one intriguing older girl, a couple games of pool, and a series of poorly advised bets. Some things have to be learned the hard way; for Greg Harris, that seems to be the only way.
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Ali Thinks: I'll start off with a little confession: The Mannequin is the first Le Meg story I've ever read— I know, I know, what rock have I been living under? Trust me, I don't know what's wrong with me either, but I do know that after reading this, it wouldn't surprise me at all if I ended up going through everything she's ever written until four in the morning.

After losing in a game of pool, Greg Harris becomes a human mannequin (emphasis on the man) for Pris, and has to wear a dress for her as she prepares it for the prestigious High Street Fashion Show. Despite the fact that he is wearing women's clothing— which really gives a new meaning to getting in a girl's pants— Greg still has a relatively good time helping Pris out. But that probably has something to do with the fact that he often fantasizes about having his way with her.

Aside from the completely unique, but still realistic plot, the characters, especially Pris, were extremely memorable as well. She was eccentric without being overly quirky to the point that it was overbearing. It just seemed natural for her, and it was clear by the way Greg thought about her that she was something different in the best way possible.

I leave you now with one piece of advice: if there was anything you could do in your life and not regret it afterwards, it would be reading The Mannequin. I could sit here and draw up a long list of good adjectives that describe this story, but I'd rather let you just click the link and be amazed.


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