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The rope sways back and forth, heavy with the weight of a body. Once you lose something, you can't get it back. 
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Ariana Thinks: "After" is one of those stories that sticks in your mind for weeks after reading it. The haunting, creepy feel of "After" was enhanced by Koki Enwai's brilliant writing style, which I fell in love with from the very first sentence. Giving just enough information to connect with the characters, but not enough information to satisfy the curiosity of readers, "After" definitely strikes a perfect balance, which is necessary for a true horror story. The dialogue was flawlessly crafted, drawing me into the story and giving me a feel of each character's personality. The ending, which left me desperate to know more, was like a punch to my gut and made me want to go back and read it over again. Upon reading "After," you will definitely be tingling with fear and desperate for more information. "After" is unquestionably a story you don't want to miss out on.


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