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Boys Suck and Other Crackpot Theories

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“See, Kyle likes Kim, Kim likes Mike and Mike likes me.” “Who do you like?” “I like meaningless impersonal sex. But I’m on the wagon right now. I’ve taken a vow of celibacy.”
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Ali Thinks:  Boys Suck and Other Crackpot Theories was one of those stories that I had seen around in my days on Fictionpress, but never really took a gander at. Let me tell you something, I'm glad I finally turned that blue link purple.

First of all, every section starts off with a different one of Nina's "crackpot" theories, based on whatever would happen in its chapter. Some of them actually made tears come out of my eyes because I was laughing so hard.

Nina had a very strong voice, and her personality and philosophies stayed constant throughout the story, even with all of the changes she was unknowingly going through in her relationships. The way she reacted to the obstacles she had to face was in character, and even if I didn't agree with the way she handled something, I highly appreciated the fact that she stayed in character.

Despite all of its good points, I did have a major problem with this story. Quite frankly, the grammar drove me bonkers. Some of it was just punctuation abuse, which may just be a pet peeve of mine and not an actual problem, but there were also a lot of spelling mistakes that could have been remedied with a quick edit.

All in all, Boys Suck and Other Crackpot Theories was an entertaining read, and regardless of its faults, its merits do outweigh them; I would highly encourage this story to anyone who was looking for a good laugh.


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