Saturday, March 16, 2013

Facebook Official

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The best way to get over a guy? Date his new girlfriend's twin brother.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Marta Thinks: Nothing is ever official unless it's Facebook official. And Cassie Sutherland knows this. That's why she's absolutely dismayed when she finds out on Facebook that her crush, Siegfried is dating a beautiful, kind Swedish girl called Maya. Of course, things complicate and she soon finds herself with the attention of Maya's twin brother, Anton. Awkward? Yes. Also, whilst he's determined to have her as his girlfriend but Cassie isn't so sure about this. This provides to be a bit of a problem. So what happens next? Definitely many interesting and confusing and complicated things - just like everyone likes it.

On a side note: this one shot is extremely long (around 25,000 words). It was still enjoyable but you might want to be aware of that as it's not a quick read. When you do decide to read it though, don't be frightened by the almost invisible scroll button on the side. It's really easy to get into so that you won't notice the length by the time you've started it.


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