Saturday, March 16, 2013

Knowing Audrey

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She runs her black nails through her blonde hair and rests her arms over her head for a moment. She could tell him the truth, she could blurt out that she's really only three years older than he is. She sighs, "How old do you want me to be?"
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Rosie Thinks:  Daniel is sitting on a pier, looking for inspiration for his story, when he meets mysterious, beautiful and broken Audrey. Audrey is completely shattered inside, letting life pass her by rather than living in it. Her house is a mess, she works as a stripper, her ex-boyfriend is abusive, yet she can't help but start up a tentative friendship with the boy she dubs Daniel. Daniel's growth throughout the story is slow but there, and amazing to watch. The way he develops both physically and mentally, from a boy into a man, was superbly written and gradual.

This story is utterly beautiful and only got more bewitching as I read on. I was obsessively glued to it for the last few chapters! I love how the story unfolds before your eyes. You're told nothing upfront. Instead, Wallflower.x slowly gives it away, showing and not telling. In her writing, the author has found a perfect balance between poetic and straightforward. At times, the words flowed and created beautiful images, while at others it was to the point and blunt. This suited the story unbelievably well - it's a poetic story about a not so poetic topic.

Wallflower.x has a knack of really getting inside a character's head and translating their feelings onto paper. Her writing is so beautiful and emotive that I was utterly engrossed and felt her character's emotions as if they were my own. The plot is completely unique and unpredictable, which kept me hooked on what was happening, especially since the author had a knack of ending a chapter at a crucial point. I can really only describe this story as beautiful - the plot, the characters, the writing - and urge anyone looking for an emotional read to give it a chance.


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